Most Paid Audience of OTT Subscriptions are Male according to Survey by Ormax Media [#OrmaxMedia] 09/11

Most Paid Audience of OTT Subscriptions are Male according to Survey by Ormax Media [#OrmaxMedia] 09/11

The medium of entertainment has changed drastically in India after March 2020 due to the spreading of COVID-19 in the country as well as across the World.

There has been a drastic rise in the popularity of the OTT platform shows in India.

However, most of the paid audience of OTT subscriptions are male according to the survey by Ormax Media.

The Ormax Media is a Mumbai-based consulting firm.

Ormax Media has conducted a survey on a viewership of video streaming in India.

The sample population in the survey was 12,000 and it was conducted between May 2021 to July 2021.

The survey revealed that currently, 353.2 million viewers have engaged themselves in OTT services.

According to the report, around 96 million paid OTT subscriptions are active in India while there is a presence of 40.7 million paying audiences (SVOD).

This roughly means a single paying audience subscribes for 2.4 subscriptions.

The surprising fact in the survey was that, around 66% of these paid subscriptions are male audiences.

The top 6 metros make a contribution of 11% of the country’s OTT services.

The top 3 cities in the list are
1. Bengaluru
2. Delhi
3. Mumbai

The prime age group who subscribe for the OTT medium are 22 to 30 years age group.

The number of viewers watching OTT is divided into 4 parts:
1. paying subscribers
2. non-paying OTT subscribers
3. subscribers who watch content with ads
4. viewers who consume content through social media

OTT services more popular among males as compared to females – Kalinga TV:
Kalinga TV

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