Draft Policy for OTT Platforms Already Made – Government of Bangalesh [#OTTPolicy] 09/14

Draft Policy for OTT Platforms Already Made – Government of Bangalesh [#OTTPolicy] 09/14

The government of Bangalesh has drafted a policy to regulate over-the-top platforms, which allows viewers to stream contents through the internet.

In addition, the government has taken the decision to begin prosecuting individuals involved in spreading rumours from abroad.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud informed this during a meeting of his ministry at the Secretariat.

The minister hoped that his ministry could issue a notification of the policy soon.

He said it is very tough to censor contents on OTT platforms through the censor board.

He said the policy has been made to protect the country’s culture and heritage from deviation and lead the society and its people, including youths.

The minister said currently social media is added with mass media.

Social media has given unfettered opportunity to people to express their opinions according to Dr Hasan Mahmud who is also the ruling Awami League’s joint general secretary.

At the same time, he said, it was also seen that the social media was being used to create instability in society and spread propaganda against the government or individuals.

The minister said some people are trying to spread rumours and to create confusion among the public by sitting abroad, through social media and online news portals.

The minister said a decision has been taken to take action against those specific persons as per the existing law of the country from where they carry out the propaganda.

Draft policy for OTT platforms already made | The Daily Star:
Says info minister; govt to prosecute people spreading rumours from abroad:
The Daily Star

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