BIG BREAKING NEWS – SHOCKINGLY LOW: Only 5.5. Million Subscribers – Shockingly Low for its Popularity [#Netflix] 01/29

BIG BREAKING NEWS – SHOCKINGLY LOW: Only 5.5. Million Subscribers – Shockingly Low for its Popularity [#Netflix] 01/29

OTT viewing is the future of binge-watching and there is no denying the fact.

Thanks to Covid, the OTT culture in India has increased multiple folds.

The leading OTT giants are doing everything to grab subscriptions but one streaming giant which is in no hurry is Netflix.

Known to be a very popular OTT giant, the manner in which it has taken over the Indian market is very dull.

As per the latest update, Disney Hotstar has 49 million subscribers and Amazon has 19 million.

But sadly, Netflix has only 5.5. million subscribers which are shockingly low for the popularity it has.

Right from the day, Netflix was launched in India, it has only been concentrating on content rather than gaining subscriptions.

As Netflix only aims at a class audience, there are many who still feel that Netflix is out of their reach.

One more reason which does not help Netflix grow is the cost of the subscriptions.

For a middle-class person, taking a Netflix subscription can be expensive as well.

On the other hand, Amazon is grabbing massive deals and is releasing popular films in India and that is the reason, they too have decent subscriptions.

If you see Disney Hotstar, they are making the most of it and are giving customers good offers on subscriptions as well.

Their major income and subscriptions come from cricket as it showcases major Indian games live.

So, if Netflix has to go to the next level, it should be user-friendly and also target the common audience by reducing the fee of the subscription.

Also, it should stream content that is liked by one and all.

But as it is the number one OTT platform in the world, Netflix is taking its own time and is not bothered about the competition around.

Only time will tell as to how Netflix will plan its strategies.

OTT Users in India: Shocking Low Number for This Platform – Mirchi9

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